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Jan 19, 2018
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About our school:

Founded in 2002, Providence Creek Academy (PCA) is a tuition free, K-8 public charter school located on a scenic, rural, collegiate-style campus in Clayton, DE. The campus environment provides multiple opportunities for students and staff to enjoy the outdoors as they travel between buildings throughout the day. The mission of the school is to provide a diverse student body with a well-rounded education through rich experiences and opportunities in Academics, Athletics, and The Arts. There is a great sense of community at PCA, developed through the strong relationships among students, parents, teachers, staff and leadership all of whom work together to encourage good citizenship, high expectations, and a disciplined climate.


Our Academic program aims to address all learners in a manner that is respectful of their individual gifts and challenges. Our highly qualified teaching staff work closely with our content area specialists to continue their professional growth and development, engaging in ongoing professional learning communities. Through a "Response to Intervention" approach, teachers are able to reach learners with targeted learning goals in Math and Language Arts. Students engage in authentic reading, writing, speaking, and listening opportunities through the Guided Reading Program which utilizes a wide range of award winning, high quality, engaging and diverse reading materials. The Eureka Math program offers a rigorous structure that closely aligns with State and National standards. Social Studies, World Cultures, Health, Technology, and Science are explored in meaningful ways through genuine inquiry, hands-on projects, and school wide events. Our students engage in the world beyond our campus through field trips that foster connection and encourage authentic experiences in the application of Academics, Athletics, and the Arts. Students also participate in on-going community service projects that strengthen our ties with the community and give our students a sense of awareness, empowerment, purpose and connection in giving back.


Our Athletic program strives to provide an enjoyable educational experience for students based on their developmental characteristics and needs. The development of the student's self-esteem, citizenship, responsibility, and skills in cooperative and leadership behaviors are positive outcomes of the PCA Athletics program. The Athletic opportunities that we offer aim to be enjoyable, vigorous, and safe and occur in a positive climate with appropriate adult leadership and support. The program goals are: to provide a fun activity for the students; to learn the basic skills of that particular activity; and to develop cooperation, sportsmanship, leadership, and personal improvement skills. While our program continues to grow, we currently offer: Football, Football Cheerleading, Boys and Girls Cross Country, Girls Volleyball, Boys and Girls Basketball, Competition Cheerleading, Boys Baseball, and Girls Softball. PCA strives to provide ample physical activity to our student body on a daily basis through unstructured recess play time at all grade levels and through a high-quality Health and Physical Education program.

The Arts:

An integrated education in the Arts encourages students to find their voice and has been proven to increase academic achievement, student motivation, and engagement. The Arts also have been proven to help develop habits of mind and social competencies. PCA offers all students high quality programs in the Arts through our award winning vocal, instrumental and visual arts programs. We believe that the Arts play an important part in the human experience and take pride in the many programs that are offered to our students including, but not limited to: Band, Chorus, Percussion Ensemble, and Drama Club. PCA also houses the Providence Creek Ballet Theater which is a nationally recognized classical ballet program.

Providence Creek Academy is currently seeking a Head of School who can continue to lead and develop the school in its mission to provide a diverse student body with a well-rounded education through rich experiences and opportunities in Academics, Athletics, and the Arts.


The successful candidate must be committed to the education of children in all aspects of school life: academic, athletic, the arts and personal. He or she must be willing and able to maintain the School's positive momentum and work collaboratively. The School seeks the following qualities in the next Head of School:

Professional Qualities
  • Demonstrated intellectual and academic success and leadership with an advanced degree
  • Experience in the education and development of children with knowledge of the current research on teaching and learning
  • Understanding of the management functions of the School
  • Understanding of school finance and fundraising
  • Successful work with a governing board and an understanding of effective governance and its process
  • Understanding of the importance of public relations and admissions process
  • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with the community to develop the vision for the future, prioritize, and make decisions
  • Excellent leadership skills including the ability to inspire and motivate others
  • Ability to write and speak effectively and in an articulate manner
  • Ability to gain respect of all constituencies
  • Demonstrated interest in diversity and global issues and their impact on the school and the community
  • Knowledge of technology to support forward movement in that area
  • Ability to recruit and retain outstanding faculty, administration, and staff

Personal Qualities
  • Passion about the education of children
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Integrity, honesty, and sincerity
  • Energy, stamina, and optimism
  • Creativity and innovative approach
  • Diplomacy and willingness to confront and manage conflict where needed
  • Visibility and willingness to be active and involved in the community
  • Good listening skills
  • Warmth, friendliness, approachability, and a sense of humor
  • Flexibility and openness to possibility and new ideas
  • Respect for all members of the community
  • Potential to become an exceptional leader whose presence and vision becomes synonymous with the School.

Providence Creek Academy Charter School

Title: Head of School

Qualifications: Experience in teaching, supervision of school administration and/or Business Management, totaling at least five years.

REPORTS TO: Board of Directors

SUPERVISES: Directly or indirectly, all employees of the school.

JOB GOAL: To inspire, lead, guide, and direct every member of the administrative, instructional, and supportive services teams in setting and achieving the highest standards of excellence, so that each individual student enrolled in our school may be provided with a complete, valuable, meaningful, and personally rewarding education.

Further, to oversee and administer the use of all school facilities, property, and funds with a maximum of efficiency, a minimum of waste, and an ever-present overriding awareness of and concern for their impact upon each individual student's education

  1. Interprets and clarifies the needs of the school to the Board, staff, students, and public.

  1. Ensures that people and resources are allocated appropriately to achieve the goals of Providence Creek Academy.

  1. Establishes and leads an effective school leadership team in a manner that engages and empowers others to take action and responsibility to achieve results.

  1. Coordinates the total education program and provides leadership in its development and improvement by:
    1. Keeping current with trends and developments in curriculum and instruction
    2. Initiating new programs, modifying existing ones, and discontinuing others
    3. Monitoring and assessing effectiveness of instructional programs

  1. Submits annually in October, to the Board, a report covering the "state of the school."

The purpose of this report is to review past activity of the school and to suggest awareness of and/or preparedness for future trends and needs.

This report shall include but not be restricted to the topics of curriculum, status of buildings and grounds, personnel, and the budget.
  1. Coordinates and evaluates in writing the work of the Administrative Team Members, provides counsel and motivation, and fosters an esprit de corps.

  1. Represents the school in its dealings with other school systems, institutions and agencies, community organizations, and the general public.

  1. Initiates and guides the development of policies for Board consideration, and develops such administrative rules and procedures as may be necessary to implement all Board policies.

  1. Oversees the development, implementation, and evaluation of curriculum. Drives a collaborative planning process with the school leadership teams that results in the development of yearly academic goals aligned with the Delaware Department of Education Curriculum.

  1. Ensures that the Delaware Charter Frameworks are followed to ensure regular cycle of long-range strategic planning and goal setting that incorporates data on student performance and stakeholder feedback.

  1. Ensure processes are in place to assess organizational performance and to support planning for ongoing school improvement.

  1. Guides the process of fiscal planning and budgetary development and interpretation. Works with the staff, finance committee, and the Board to prepare budgets, monitor progress, and initiate changes as appropriate.

  1. Assumes responsibility in conjunction with the Administrative Team for the selection, assignment, dismissal, and evaluation of all personnel, and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors.

  1. Responsible for the assignment of the various specialized areas of administration.

  1. Ensures the development of an explicit shared vision for the school that incorporates the voices and perspective of diverse stakeholders and opinions.

  1. Exercises leadership in the development and execution of the school/community relations.

  1. Keeps the Board continuously informed about the status of the school as well as educational trends and practices.

  1. Oversees the process and submission of required reports.

  1. Works with the Leadership Team to ensure Charter Renewal is successful. Ensures that the school is in compliance with the Delaware Department of Education Frameworks at all times. Will advise Board of Directors in a timely manner if Frameworks are not in compliance.

  1. Performs such other duties as may from time to time be assigned by the Board.

  1. Attends and participates in all meetings of the Board and its committees, except

when own employment or salary is under consideration.

EVALUATION: Performance of this job will be evaluated annually in accordance with provisions of the Board's policy of Evaluation of the Head of School. Performance reviews may occur more often at the discretion of the Board.

A person may not be employed by a public school employer in any position requiring licensure and certification if the person does not meet licensure and certification requirements established under Chapter 12 of [Title 14 of the Delaware Code]..., except pursuant to a license extension and/or emergency certificate issued pursuant to Chapter 12. See 14 Del. C.§ 1313.

Direct deposit of paychecks is a condition of employment for all new employees hired after December 31, 1995

Use of any published data or content on this web site is prohibited without the written consent of the Delaware Department of Education.

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