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Wilmington, DE 19801, US
Apr 11, 2018
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Title: K-12 Library/Media Specialist for Co-Located Schools

About the position

The CEB is a collaborative of high performing charter schools and support partners working together to enhance every student's ability to achieve academic excellence. Together with our schools, the CEB is committed to closing the achievement gap and achieving international excellence by 2030.

Currently, two public charter schools are co-located within the CEB—Kuumba Academy Charter and Great Oaks Academy Charter, who together will serve approximately 1,200 students in 2018-2019. In addition to the school partners, CEB is home to TeenSharp, a school food pantry, and a Family Resource Center. Kuumba Academy Charter School is one of two schools located in the Community Education Building (CEB) and is serving as the lead agency in staffing the CEB librarian.

Key Roles and Responsibilities
1. Library Administration
a) Build the CEB's library collection & provide high quality programming within budgetary constraints.

b) Promote literacy development and library services.

c) Use effective management principles, including the supervision of personnel, resources, and facilities to develop and implement program goals and objectives.

d) Acquire, organize and catalogue library and media resources.

e) Work with teaching faculty to ensure that library and media resources are aligned with and support the schools' curriculum.

f) Establish and maintain policies and procedures for selection, acquisition, circulation, resource sharing, etc. that assure appropriate resources are available when needed.

g) Create an environment that is accessible and conducive to active and participatory learning, resource-based instructional practices, and collaboration with teaching staff.

h) Support the development and maintenance of the CEB Virtual Library website.

i) Remain current in professional practices and developments, information technologies, and educational research applicable to school library programs.

j) Provide support to the CEB team as needed.

2. Information & Media Specialist
a) Develop and maintain a collection of resources appropriate to the curriculum, the learners, and the learning styles and instructional strategies used within the school communities.

b) Understand copyright, fair use, and licensing of intellectual property, and assisting users with their understanding of observance of the same.

c) Organize the collection for maximum and effective use.

d) Collaborate with other libraries, librarians, and agencies to provide access to resources outside the CEB.

2. Instructional Partner
a) Work collaboratively with teachers to design and teach engaging inquiry and learning experiences and assessments that incorporate multiple literacies and foster critical thinking.

b) Work with the school administrative teams to develop, implement, and assess the instructional program for students in grades K-8.

c) Provide direct instruction to students in grades K-8 in the area of information & media literacy.

d) Encourage the use of instructional technology to engage students and to improve learning, providing 24/7 access to digital information resources for the entire learning community.

e) Have excellent classroom management skills and capacity to build effective relationships with students and staff.

Personal Traits and Strengths

The ideal candidate must:
  1. Believe wholeheartedly in the importance of closing the achievement gap.
  2. Have initiative, drive, and attention to detail.
  3. Be passionate about working in a collaborative environment
  4. Work well independently and as a member of a team.
  5. Be flexible and positive.
  6. Proactively contribute to a positive CEB climate.
  7. Have a "what else can I do" mindset.
  8. Be enthusiastic about embracing new challenges.
  9. Excel at building collaborative relationships with teachers, staff, administrators, and members of the community.
  10. Maintain positive relations with internal and external stakeholders.
  11. Excellent written and oral communication skills.

Qualifications and experience
  1. Be technologically savvy, with expertise in technology for instruction and web-based applications.
  2. Have knowledge and ability to provide effective instruction to groups and individuals.
  3. School Librarian certification a plus.
  4. Three (3) years' experience as a school librarian in a middle school or middle school classroom teaching experience is preferred.
  5. Responsive Classroom experience a plus.

Human Resource Information

Kuumba Academy Charter School offers competitive salary and benefits and is an equal opportunity employer.

How to Apply

Please submit a cover letter and resume to Cathy Emerson.


Fax: 302-468-4587

Mail: 1200 N. French Street, Wilmington DE 19801.

Salary Range: From/To: Commensurate with experience

A person may not be employed by a public school employer in any position requiring licensure and certification if the person does not meet licensure and certification requirements established under Chapter 12 of [Title 14 of the Delaware Code]..., except pursuant to a license extension and/or emergency certificate issued pursuant to Chapter 12. See 14 Del. C.§ 1313.

Direct deposit of paychecks is a condition of employment for all new employees hired after December 31, 1995

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