2018-19 Pool Paraprofessional - Full-Time

Dover, DE 19904, US
Apr 24, 2018
Close Date:

POSITION: Pool Paraprofessional - Full-Time

LOCATION: Kent County Community School

REPORTS TO: Principal

General Responsibilities:
  1. Monitors activities at the pool to prevent accidents.
  2. Rescues swimmers in danger of drowning.
  3. Administers First Aid.
  4. Cautions swimmers regarding unsafe practices and safety hazards; enforces and adheres to pool rules and regulations.
  5. Follows emergency action plan and procedures established in the event of an emergency.
  6. Maintains order in the pool and adjoining areas.
  7. Inspects facilities for cleanliness; completes general pool cleaning and maintenance duties.
  8. Responsible for the availability and safekeeping of emergency equipment (rescue tubes, backboard, signs and other equipment).
  9. Provides general information on pool operation to patrons.
  10. Completes required paperwork.
  11. Follows the direction of the aquatics director in instruction of student groups.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
  1. Knowledge of pool equipment and maintenance.
  2. Knowledge of lifesaving methods and procedures, including first aid and standard resuscitation measures.
  3. Knowledge of rules and regulations governing conduct of the public at pools.
  4. Knowledge of swimming pool sanitation and chlorination systems.
  5. Skilled in the application of lifesaving techniques.
  6. Skilled in swimming.
  7. Ability to react quickly and calmly in emergencies.
  8. Ability to perform rescue actions, administer first aid and CPR.

Minimum Qualifications:
  • Must possess current Lifeguard Certification, AND Professional Rescuer Cardiopulmonary (CPR) certificate upon employment.

Standard Requirements:
  • Favorable Criminal Background Check for the candidate who is offered employment.
  • Tuberculin test & Physical
  • Mandatory Direct Deposit of Paycheck

Start Date: August 20 2018

Duty Days: 185

Reports To: Principal

Job Posting Link: www.capital.k12.de.us

Salary Range: From/To: 2018-19 Paraprofessional Salary Schedule

A person may not be employed by a public school employer in any position requiring licensure and certification if the person does not meet licensure and certification requirements established under Chapter 12 of [Title 14 of the Delaware Code]..., except pursuant to a license extension and/or emergency certificate issued pursuant to Chapter 12. See 14 Del. C.§ 1313.

Direct deposit of paychecks is a condition of employment for all new employees hired after December 31, 1995

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