Retired Teacher Mentor

Wilmington, DE 19805, US
May 15, 2018
Close Date:

  1. Must be trained in all aspects of the Delaware State Comprehensive Induction Program. Training will be provided.
  2. Must meet with the new educator(s) and keep records of meetings and observations.
  3. Must attend New Teacher Orientation and any other designated meetings with their new educator(s).
  4. Must support and coach the new educator(s) during the first year of induction.
  5. Must assist the new educator in looking at their current level of practice in classroom environment, planning and preparation and instruction and provide feedback.
  6. Must submit a mentor log that documents completion of work required of mentors to the Site Coordinator to be eligible for the stipend. This must include clearly documented weekly contact with the new educator(s).
  7. Other requirements that may be deemed part of the process by the site.

  • Be a role model:
  • Display a positive attitude.
  • Practice and encourage reflective practices
  • Be a life-long learner
  • Promote thinking, analysis, problem solving, and planning
  • Lead by example
  • Guide by the side
  • Being an assessor who recognizes readiness for new challenges
  • Motivate, encourage and challenge the novice

  • Be a helper by:
  • Provide the new educator with resources, models of instruction, and method
  • Show an awareness of what new practice looks like
  • Commit to meeting/observations with the new educator as a major importance and documenting the progress
  • Build confidence in the new educator
  • Celebrate the successes of the new educator
  • Work collaboratively with the program at large to assist the new educator

  • Be a colleague by:
  • Advocate for the new educator and the profession
  • Ensure confidentiality with the novice Demonstrating a caring and helpful attitude

  1. Red Clay experience preferred
  2. Valid continuing Delaware license preferred
  3. Flexible schedule
  4. Familiarity with Delaware content standards (Common Core) required

Reported time/no benefits

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Completed Online Internal Transfer Application via Join DE Schools

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Christine Smith


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