(2) School Safety Monitors

Dover, DE 19904, US
Apr 17, 2018
Close Date:

POSITION: School Safety Monitors - 2

LOCATION: William Henry Middle School

REPORTS TO: Principal

STARTING DATE: August 2018

Work Year: 188 Days (plus any and all required training days)

Work Day: 7.5 Hours (inclusive of lunch)

Salary: $25/Hour (annualized)

As a State Constable you are privately employed by the Capital School District but commissioned by the State Board of Examiners of Constables with the exact same powers as any other police officer.


Responsible for the safety and well-being of students, staff, volunteers and visitors and school facilities and assets at William Henry Middle School. Duties includes the supervision and monitoring of students within and outside the school building, enforcing appropriate student behavior, communicating with students regarding issues and/or behavior, escorting students and/or authorized visitors, assisting with bus duty, lunch duty, assisting with fire drills, school safety drills, emergency action planning, other threats and assisting in the removal from classroom of disruptive students.

  • Follows directives of building and district administrators.
  • Serves as the lead on the building's comprehensive school safety plan. Works with building administrators and staff in the event of an actual crisis.
  • Assists building administrators with fire drills, evacuation drills and bomb threats.
  • Monitors the interior and exterior of the school building and campus before, during and after school to ensure the safety and welfare of students, staff, volunteers and visitors and to ensure the security of school facilities and assets. Is responsible for validating that the exterior doors are secure throughout the school day.
  • Provides crowd control in hallways, parking lots, cafeteria playground and/or other gathering spaces and intercedes in fights and other disturbances.
  • Watches for disturbances, fights. Unauthorized visitors and/or criminal activity. Assesses danger and intervenes to halt or prevent fights, disturbances, and diffuses threatening or confrontational situations between students and others.
  • Help to ensure order is restored and students are unharmed.
  • Assists building administrators with student incidences, including but not limited to bullying, fights, thefts, weapons and substance abuse.
  • May assist district administrators with investigations as needed.
  • Maintains familiarity with and enforcement of Student Success Guide.
  • Communicates with students and staff to discuss altercations, behavior and/or progress; and to provide reinforcement of expected behavior.
  • Assists SRO and local and state law enforcement agencies when required.
  • Escorts students to and from the office for disciplinary reasons and escorts unauthorized personnel from the school campus as needed.
  • Maintains accurate and complete security records pertaining to discipline warnings, parking control and criminal events.
  • Serves on the school crisis team to provide expertise in dealing with the school's ERP information. Keeps the ERP portal updated. Other duties as assigned.

Note: The above description is illustrative of tasks and responsibilities. It is not meant to be all inclusive of every task or responsibility.

  • Has at least 10 years of experience in a local, state or federal law enforcement agency.
  • State of Delaware Constable Certification or eligibility for Delaware Constable Certification.
  • Successfully pass criminal background check and MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory).
  • Successfully obtain yearly Constable License from the State of Delaware.
  • Successfully obtain Constable Training Certification from the State of Delaware.
  • Successfully obtain a license to carry a firearm from the State of Delaware for a Constable.
  • Successfully complete any additional training or education as needed.
  • Successfully qualify for Firearms Certification with three qualifying shoots per year.
  • Constables for the remainder of their term shall meet all requirements related to firearms training, and all requirements related to any additional training.
  • The Board of Examiners may require commissioned constables to receive such additional training or education as it deems necessary.
  • Be approved by the Board of Examiners: a constable applicant shall meet the minimum standards established by the Board and shall par5ticipate in such other training as the Board requires.
  • Has separated in good standing from law enforcement agency.
  • Possesses the physical stamina required for patrolling the school campus.
  • Possesses or is willing to obtain first aid and CPR certification.
  • Has demonstrated evidence of good habits in job attendance and punctuality.
  • Clean Criminal Background Check, TB Test, and Child Protection Registry Clearance must be completed prior to the start of employment.

Standard Requirements
  • Favorable criminal background check for the candidate who is offered employment
  • Tuberculin skin test
  • Mandatory direct deposit of paycheck

Start Date: August 2018

Duty Days: 188

Reports To: Building Principal

Job Posting Link: www.capital.k12.de.us

Salary Range: From/To: $25.00/hour (annualized)

A person may not be employed by a public school employer in any position requiring licensure and certification if the person does not meet licensure and certification requirements established under Chapter 12 of [Title 14 of the Delaware Code]..., except pursuant to a license extension and/or emergency certificate issued pursuant to Chapter 12. See 14 Del. C.§ 1313.

Direct deposit of paychecks is a condition of employment for all new employees hired after December 31, 1995

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