Library/Media Specialist - Half Time

Wilmington, DE 19805, US
Aug 27, 2018

The Library Media Specialist collaborates with teaching staff in the development of student literacy through the administration of the library media program. Provides instruction in and access to library information resources and programs for students, staff and the entire school community. Oversees the selection, organization, utilization, and maintenance of library, information, and curriculum resources. Knowledge of curricular areas is essential in order to further basic concepts through interdisciplinary resources. The Library/Media Specialist's role is one of teacher, manager, and educational resource.

  • The library media specialist is an integral part of the instructional team. He/she fosters a positive attitude toward the use and communication of information by students and teachers and creates an environment where literature and language are valued.
  • Plans instructional lessons or units, which integrates information literacy and/or technology skills into the classroom curriculum.
  • Provides instruction in the use of technology to access information outside the library media center.
  • Uses a wide variety of teaching methods, media, and ways of communicating information to insure that students can access and use all types of information sources.
  • Promotes and demonstrates the use of new technologies and media with teachers and other adults.
  • Provides access to information and resource services for all students, staff and community users.
  • Makes resources available to students and teachers through a systematically developed collection within the school: manages selection and ordering of materials
  • Provides access to the library and instructional materials through the management of an accurate and efficient organization and retrieval system. Assists students in identifying, locating and interpreting information found in both print and digital resources.
  • Provides access to the library media center throughout the school day to classes, small groups, individual students and teachers
  • Participates in department meetings
  • Recommends student-level literature to teachers and encourages them to read to their classes as well as reading personally for an awareness of the literature available.
  • Teach technology classes: Support students in effectively using a computer and personal device such as an iPad or Chromebook, applications such as Google Apps for Education, developing keyboarding skills, digital citizenship, and 21st century skills. Coding is a plus.
  • Lead the implementation of the morning news program, LHE TV.

Job Type: Full-time


The Library/Media Specialist should qualify for certification by the Delaware Department of Education as a Library/Media Specialist.


The Library/Media Specialist should qualify for certification by the Delaware Department of Education as a Library/Media Specialist.

Required Certificate(s):

Delaware Advanced License

Delaware Continuing License

Delaware Initial License

Out of State Teaching License


Required Endorsement(s):

ND Library Media

DELMS School Library Media Specialist


District Applicants:

Completed Online Internal Transfer Application via Join Delaware Schools

Letter of Interest


Non-District Applicants:

Completed Online Application via Join Delaware Schools

Letter of Interest


Three letters of reference

Out-of-state applicants must provide evidence of certification


Stephanie Armstrong


Reports To: Principal

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